Unlike some other boring true crime/family massacre stories, this is a pretty amusing one, which I feel could have been avoided or maybe not have occurred if only a party had walked away.
This is a story of an Iranian man, Jorjik Avanesian who killed his wife and six children by burning them alongside the house.

How did Jorjik Avanesian kill his wife and six children?

Jorjik Avanesian an Iranian immigrant had a history of violence with his wife and kids. He migrated to the United States from Iran via Turkey in May 1995.

In November 1995, Jorjik Avanesian’s wife reported him at the station. His wife, Turan accused him of wielding a knife at their 17-year-old daughter, assaulting, slapping, and throwing a stool at their 8-year-old son but he was never arrested. He was instructed to get counseling at a charity but he never showed up.

He had previously served 8 months in an Iranian prison for trying to kill his wife before they migrated to the united states of America.

On February 6, 1996, at about 4 a.m. while his family was sleeping, Jorjik Avanesian poured gasoline on a kitchen towel, he lit the towel and tossed it into the one-bedroom apartment which housed his wife and kids. He bolted the door and walked away like nothing happened.

Jorjik Avanesian left the scene with burns on his hand and headed to the office of Asre Emrooz, a Farsi newspaper in Encino, to surrender and also tell his side of the story.

Around 10 a.m. he called the newspaper from a pay phone and asked to be picked up and taken to the office, saying, “I want to tell you the horror story before I tell the police,”

On getting to the office he told the publisher that he burnt down their home because he was jealous and he needed to scare his wife and he was hoping to get a divorce and also get her deported back to Iran.

Houshiar Nejad, the publisher, called the cops on Jorjik after he got a news that the family died in the fire. Jorjik Avanesian was arrested the same day he murdered his family.

The victims were Turan (37), Roobina (17), Rita (16), Ranika (9), Rodrik (8), Romik (6) and Roland (4).

 Jorjik Avanesian wife grave
Jorjik Avanesian wife grave

The bodies of three kids were found in the bedroom (two children hiding in the closet, laying ontop each other), another three were found in the bathtub filled with water ( they might have tried to ease the wrenching pain of fire by staying inside a tub filled with water) and their mom were found on the bedroom floor.

Jorjik Avanesian Reason For Killing His Family

During interrogation, Jorjik Avanesian told investigators he had set his family on fire because his wife and daughter had been taking hard drugs given to them by a Muslim regime in his former country, Iran which triggers them to make pornography and also make them promiscuous. ( There was no evidence to this claim).


He also said his wife had disagreed to divorce him and he needed her gone in his life ( a funny way to erase someone from one’s life though).

Jorjik also said some local drug dealer was trying to control his family.

He also confessed he had bought an ax and a knife at a local store the day before, he then went ahead to fill a container with gasoline at a filling station across the street, returned to his apartment and hid the weapons which he did not end up using because he no longer want to kill his family in a brutal way.

The night before Jorjik Avanesian killed his family, he said he prayed and pleaded with God to send him a sign that will stop him from being a murderer but he got no reply from God and that made him go ahead with his plans.

Jorjik was very upset, because his daughters had pleaded with him not to start the fire.

He told the investigator his kids told him ‘Daddy, no, don’t,’

The End Of Jorjik Avanesian

Jorjik Avanesian was charged with seven counts of first degree murder and one count of arson and sentenced to life imprisonment without a possibility of parole for burning his wife and six children to death.
In 2005, Jorjik Avanesian was found dead. He was found hanging from a bedsheet attached to the ceiling air vent by a correctional officer in the prison infirmary.

It was concluded he committed suicide. The reasons for taking his own life are unknown to date.


Kindly drop your comments in the comment section. We will like to know if Jorkik Avanesian was deluded, could the wife had saved her life and that of her kids by granting him the divorce?


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